Organic Lavender Farm In Washington

Welcome to Our Lavender Farm

Our Season is over and the farm is now closed.


What is different about us???


Our hired marketing professionals tell us that this stuff doesn’t belong on the “Home Page.” But we think that there are alot of people like us that are looking for the real down and dirty farmer. Selling his products directly to the public. Yep the stuff he grows himself with his own hands and labor. So if you are looking to the slick, wonderfully packaged, flash in the pan Lavender products and business and the very lowest price because most of the stuff is coming from over seas like China then just look around the web and you’ll find it real easy. Read no further, this site will not interest you in the least.


What you will find here is…..Grandma and Grandpa’s ….Lavender Farm….

We planted this farm, weeded it and nurtured it and then harvest it and make home grown products with a little help of friends doing the same thing. We are the ones…yep just the two of us that are growing it and packaging it and  making sure you are happy. You have a problem with anything we sell you’re money back from our small town credit union.

Our 6 children and 19 grand-kids are the center of our lives along with our religion.

We hope that some of you will find our simple farm a refreshing difference. Please visit our product pages and browse around a little. We take all of our own pictures so again pretty simple and basic but darn good!  We guarantee your happiness with our products. In fact one lady called us up and said her Lavender didn’t have much aroma. Well I know what that’s like as we age, neither do I have much of a smeller any more. But any way we made her happy. We get cards and letters and emails all the time telling us how happy they are with our service and products. So we are encouraged and hope you will trust us with your Lavender business too so we can continue to serve others.

So the benefits to you are many..No electronic operator…..real people to real people………..low prices…no middle man…..owners that care about you ….imagine calling and talking to the real people that are also the owners…..Free Shipping on everything……..